Proposed Legislation


Ireland to extend paid force majeure leave for 2021

The Irish Labour Party recently proposed the Sick Leave and Parental Leave Bill 2020 (the “Bill”), which amends force majeure paid leave for employees whose children are unable to attend school or preschool as a result of COVID-19 governmental measures. […]

United Kingdom

UK Good Work Plan’s sweeping changes

Reforms proposed within the framework of The Good Work Plan (GWP) continue to make their way into UK employment law through various pieces of secondary legislation. Many provisions came into effect 6 April 2020, and other proposals are expected to […]


Singapore to increase retirement and re-employment ages

On 5 March 2019, the Minister of Manpower announced that a tripartite workgroup on older workers consisting of government, trade unions and employers have finally agreed that the retirement and re-employment ages should be raised beyond age 62 and age […]

Saudi Arabia drafts law criminalizing sexual harassment

The government of Saudi Arabia recently introduced a draft law that criminalizes sexual harassment (a maximum of five years in prison and a fine up to SAR 300,000). The draft law was drafted primarily in response to the higher risk […]


Ireland to allow maternity leave sharing

A bill has been introduced in the Irish parliament that would allow parents to share the 26 weeks of maternity leave currently provided to mothers. The legislation aims to provide more flexibility to working parents and create greater gender equality. […]