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Netherlands releases pension reform framework [Updated]

Update: The Dutch government recently announced that the pension reform will be delayed. The new pension system is now expected to come into force by 1 January 2023, one year later than originally planned, with a transition period from 2023 […]


Ireland introduces gender pay gap reporting obligation

The Irish government passed legislation mandating that employers with a minimum of 50 employees report and publish information on their gender pay differentials. The Gender Pay Gap Information Act (the “Act”) amends the Employment Equality Act 1998 and was passed […]


Netherlands to introduce paid parental leave [Updated]

Update: On 12 October 2021, the Dutch Senate approved the Paid Parental Leave Act, which is still expected to enter into force on 2 August 2022. The new bill will implement the European Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers and […]


Egypt sets up a minimum wage for private sector employees

The Egyptian government recently issued Decree No.57/2021 (the “Decree”) setting, for the first time in Egypt, a minimum wage for private sector workers at EGP 2,400 per month. The new minimum wage will be effective as of 1 January 2022. […]


Germany introduces a COVID-19 vaccination leave

The German government recently published a new amendment of the SARS-Cov-2-Occupational Health and Safety regulation (the “Regulation”) to introduce a short employer-paid leave for employees to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus during their working hours. The new amendment entered […]


Mexico to enforce a limited use of outsourcing [Update]

Update: The outsourcing reform was approved by the Mexican Senate and entered into effect on 24 April 2021. On 24 May 2021, the Ministry of Labor published an agreement setting forth the general rules for vendors rendering specialized or shared […]


Peru introduces a COVID-19 vaccination leave

The Peruvian government recently passed Law 31334 enabling employees to take up to four hours of paid leave to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus during their working hours. The new law entered into effect on 7 August 2021. Key […]