Month: July 2023


Uruguay Passes Sweeping Pension Reforms with the Creation of a Common Pension System

The government of Uruguay has passed legislation (Law No. 20130) creating a new Common Pension System (Sistema Previsional Común) which modifies many aspects of the existing statutory pension arrangements, including increasing the state pension age, allowing retirees to continue working, and requiring greater participation in the mandatory individual account scheme. As with other countries around the world, Uruguay has recognized the rising pressure of an aging population on state-funded retirement benefits, and these modifications aim to encourage people to work longer and to reduce financial liabilities on the public system.


Luxembourg enacts right to disconnect

Luxembourg has amended its Labor Code under articles L. 312-9 and L312-10 to introduce an explicit right to disconnect for employees and implement fines for employers who fail to take action or breach the provisions of a right to disconnect agreement. The law came into force on 4 July 2023.


New leaves in Canada

Effective 22 June 2023, Canada has extended the maximum duration of child death and disappearance leave for federally regulated employees. Effective 30 May 2020, Manitoba has increased bereavement leave and added miscarriage leave.


The Netherlands abolishes discounts on medical premium: What’s next for employers?

The Dutch government decided at the beginning of 2023 to eliminate the premium discounts that were historically available to group health insurance plans, known locally as collectives (collectiviteitskorting). This has left some employers reconsidering the value of a group plan and whether they should consider offering other benefits to offset the loss of the premium discount.