The French government added a government-funded allowance to the existing caregiver leave provisions. The new allowance was included in the Social Security Finance Law for 2020 and entered into effect on 1 October 2020.

Key details

Caregiver leave was introduced in 2017 to allow employees to take time off to care for a relative or any person with whom they have a close relationship. It applies to all private and public sector employees as well as self-employed persons and job seekers. The leave may be taken for three months and can be extended so long as the total leave period does not exceed one year over the course of an employee’s career (overall with any employer). 

Prior to 1 October 2020, employers were required to provide unpaid caregiver leave to their employees. Employees taking the leave may now be entitled to a daily caregiver allowance of EUR 52.08 if they are single and EUR 43.83 if they live as a couple. The allowance is paid by the Family Allowance and the Mutual Social Agriculture funds. 

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