Macau has amended the Labor Relations Law to extend the minimum paid maternity leave period and introduce employer-paid paternity leave. Additionally, Law No. 5/2020 on the Minimum Wage for Workers has been approved, setting a minimum wage for all private-sector employees effective 1 November 2020.

Key details

Labor Relations Law

Maternity leave: Employees are currently entitled to 56 days of paid maternity leave. Beginning 26 May 2020, the entitlement increases to 70 days. However, there is a transitional period through 23 May 2023, whereby the Social Security Fund (FSS) will pay 100% base pay to the employee for up to 14 days (the combined limit of 70 days applies). From 23 May 2023, employers will be responsible for paying the full 70 days of leave. In order to receive the FSS benefit, eligible employees must have at least one year of service with their current employer prior to the start of maternity leave.

Paternity leave: Beginning 26 May 2020, employees with at least one year of service are entitled to five working days of employer-paid paternity leave. This leave may be taken either consecutively or separately up to 30 days following the birth of the child.

Minimum wage

The following minimum wage rates apply to all private-sector employees (excluding domestic workers and disabled support workers) effective 1 November 2020. The rates depend on how remuneration is calculated and will be reviewed every two years.

  • Monthly: MOP 6,656 (based on 208 working hours per month)
  • Weekly: MOP 1,536 (based on a six-day workweek)
  • Daily: MOP 256 (based on an eight-hour workday)
  • Hourly: MOP 32

Next steps

Employers should update their leave policies to comply with the new requirements for maternity and paternity leave. Wages should be reviewed to ensure they meet the minimum wage requirements by 1 November 2020.