Month: May 2019


Cyprus introduces a new national health system

The government of Cyprus is finally implementing a national health system, known as GESY or General Health Scheme (GHS), after almost two decades of negotiations. In late 2017, the Cypriot government passed the general health system law establishing central public […]


Nepal introduces mandatory social security contribution

In November 2018, the government of Nepal finally launched a new mandatory, contribution-based social security plan mandating private sector employers contribute to the Social Security Fund (SSF). Employers are required to register their employees with the SSF before 21 May […]


Spain equalizes maternity and paternity leaves

On 1 March 2019, the government of Spain issued a Royal Decree-Law 6/2019 equalizing maternity and paternity leave benefits by progressively expanding the duration of paternity leave from five weeks to a total of 16 weeks with pay. This new […]


Kuwait to increase annual leave entitlement

The Health and Social Affairs Committee of the Kuwait National Assembly approved a draft law increasing the annual leave allotment from 30 days to 35 days of paid leave per year. This change applies to private sector employees, both Kuwaitis […]


China reduces social insurance contributions for employers

In March 2019, the government of China released social insurance policies that reduced the employers’ contribution to basic pension insurance from 20% of an employee’s salary down to 16%. This change takes effect 1 May 2019. China has one of […]