In summer 2019, political unrest amplified over plans to allow extradition to China, and the resulting demonstrations caused disruption to local businesses, public transit and flights. Multinational companies with operations in Hong Kong need to be prepared to respond accordingly.

  • Monitor travel advisories to ensure employee safety for those traveling to or living in Hong Kong.
  • Keep employees updated on developments, and have an effective communication system in place.
  • Comply with duty of care laws by ensuring employees are well prepared before traveling.
  • Providing an employee assistance program can help with employee engagement and overall well-being.
  • Review employee compensation insurance policies, a required coverage for Hong Kong employees, to ensure the policy includes a transit clause.
  • Review property insurance coverage to ensure damage or loss due to the peril of strike, riot and civil commotion is covered.

For details about what employers need to know to be prepared, download Lockton’s Risk Bulletin on the topic.