Month: October 2022


Bahrain introduces social insurance pension reforms

The government of Bahrain introduced Law No. (14) of 2022, which amends several provisions of the social insurance program including raising social security contribution rates, revising the old-age pension benefit formula, increasing the normal retirement age for women, and revising the payment method of the end-of-service benefits. The new Social Insurance Law was passed and published in the Bahraini Official Gazette on 18 April 2022. However, implementing regulations are still expected to be issued at a later date (still yet to be determined).


Qatar to implement mandatory health insurance for foreign nationals

The government of Qatar recently passed a new law mandating that all foreign nationals visiting, residing or working in Qatar have private medical insurance coverage for the entire duration of their stay. Law No. 22 of 2021 is expected to enter into effect on 4 May 2022.