Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government introduced a new amendment to the Employment Ordinance to increase the number of statutory holidays from 12 days to 17 days.

The bill will be introduced into the legislative council for its first reading on 17 March 2021. If passed, the five additional statutory holidays would enter into effect progressively from January 2022 to January 2030.

Key details

The 5 additional statutory holidays are:

  • The birthday of the Buddha on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, effective 1 January 2022
  • The first weekday after Christmas day, effective 1 January 2024
  • Easter Monday, effective 1 January 2026
  • Good Friday, effective 1 January 2028
  • The day following Good Friday, effective 1 January 2030

Most companies already provide the above holidays as a supplement to their employees. Companies that do not provide such holidays will be required to comply with the new amendment within the timeline. 

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