On 31 August 2023, the Argentinian government passed Emergency Decree 438/23 mandating private and public sector employers pay employees earning ARS 400,000 or less a one-time tax-free allowance of up to ARS 60,000. The exact, final amount will depend on the employee’s net monthly salary. The allowance must be paid in two equal installments: the first installment must be paid within 15 days from 31 August 2023 and the second installment must be paid with the salary of the month of September 2023.

Key details

The allowance was introduced by the Argentinian government as a response to the devaluation of the local currency and the inflation that the country is currently experiencing.

All full time and part time employees earning a net monthly salary of ARS 400,000 or less will qualify. The allowance for part time employees will be proportional to the actual time worked. The allowance will be based on net salary for the month of August 2023 and must include all regular wages and allowances.

The amount of the allowance will vary depending on the employee’s salary. If the net salary for August 2023 is lower than ARS 370,000, the allowance is equal to ARS 60,000; if the net salary for the same period is higher than ARS 370,000, the allowance will be equal to the difference between actual net salary and ARS 400,000.

Certified micro and small companies will be able to deduct the allowance paid from their employer social security contributions.


Emergency Decree 438/23

Decreto-N°-438.23.pdf (