Colombia expands family leave benefits

The Colombian government passed a law (No. 2114/2021) introducing the following changes: Extension of government-paid paternity leave from eight working days to 15 working days (three weeks) Introduction of a government-paid shared parental leave of six weeks The law, which […]

Colombia establishes nursing rooms

On 8 June 2018, Resolution 2423 (complying with Act 1823, 2017) was issued by the Ministry of Health. The resolution establishes the operational and technical requirements for nursing rooms in workplaces. The resolution applies to companies with minimum monthly assets […]

Colombia incentivizes pension contribution

Decree 2250 grants tax benefits to any voluntary pension contribution to the compulsory pension fund, starting December 2017. Voluntary contributions are through payroll and pretax. Tax breaks apply only to contributions up to 30 percent of monthly income or 40 […]