Effective 22 June 2023, Canada has extended the maximum duration of child death and disappearance leave for federally regulated employees. Effective 30 May 2020, Manitoba has increased bereavement leave and added miscarriage leave.

Key details

Under Canada’s Budget Implementation Action 2023, No. 1, Bill C-47, the Canada Labor Code was amended to increase the maximum leave for a federally regulated employee whose child dies or disappears as the probable result of a crime from 104 weeks to 156 weeks. Federally regulated employees include those working in banks, air transportation, telecommunications, postal, etc. Employees who are not federally regulated remain subject to provincial leave laws.

Changes to The Employment Standards Code in Manitoba have extended bereavement leave from three days to five days of unpaid leave for the death of a family member. Eligible family members continue to include children, stepchildren, parents, grandparents, spouses, common law spouses, brothers, sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, aunts, uncles, nieces as well as those who are not related, but whom the employee considers to be like a close relative. An additional unpaid five-day leave was introduced for the loss of a pregnancy for the pregnant employee, that employee’s current or former spouse, common law partner, or for an employee who would have been a guardian of the child.

Next Steps

Employers should review and update their current leave policies to be certain they are in compliance.