Month: June 2020


Hungary to increase infant care allowance

Beginning 1 July 2021, Hungary will increase the amount of infant care allowance. Background Mothers are entitled to an infant care allowance (Csecsemőgondozási díj) during their maternity leave for a maximum of 168 days following the birth. As of 1 […]


Netherlands releases pension reform framework

The Dutch government has reached an agreement on pension reform with the two most important unions in the Netherlands: FNV and CNV. The pension reform aims to change the structure of pension accrual in industry-wide pension funds. Key details For […]

United Kingdom

UK Good Work Plan’s sweeping changes

Reforms proposed within the framework of The Good Work Plan (GWP) continue to make their way into UK employment law through various pieces of secondary legislation. Many provisions came into effect 6 April 2020, and other proposals are expected to […]