Month: January 2024

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Implements Unpaid Carer’s Leave

The UK government has published draft regulations to implement the Carer’s Leave Act 2023 (the “Act”) providing employees with one week of unpaid carer’s leave per year to arrange or provide care for a dependent.
While the Act entered into force on 4 December 2023, the Draft Regulations implementing unpaid carer’s leave are expected to be effective from 6 April 2024.


Mexico Proposes Increase to Paid Paternity Leave

The Mexican Parliament recently introduced an amendment bill to increase employer-paid paternity leave from five working days to 20 working days.
If the bill is approved by the Mexican Senate, this increase will be effective early 2024 (the exact date will depend on the legislative process).


Cross-border telecommuting and employee benefits: What employers need to know

Global telecommuting creates new opportunities for companies to tap into and develop diverse talent, but it often comes with unanticipated challenges. Employers should audit these arrangements to ensure compliance and duty of care issues are accounted for in their policies. This article focuses on the impact of cross-border remote working on employee benefits and additional issues that also require consideration such as host country legislation, payroll, social security, and employment protections.