New remote working legislation around the world [Updated]

Update: Portugal passed new remote working legislation. More details below. With the rise of technology, work from home has been a steadily growing trend for many years. Remote working has exploded since spring 2020 with quarantines, workplace closures and lockdowns […]


Belgium extends paid bereavement leave

The Belgium government recently passed a law introducing changes to existing employer-paid bereavement leave, including an extension of its duration from three to 10 days and greater flexibility in taking such leave. The new law entered into effect on 25 […]


Belgium introduces voluntary supplementary pensions for employees

The government of Belgium passed a law introducing voluntary supplementary pensions for employees (VAPW). The new regulation gives employees the right to make payroll contributions to an individual supplementary pension plan with a provider of their choice if they do […]

Belgium enacts bonus tax exemption

As of 1 January 2018, bonuses paid to employees as warrants or options, that do not exceed 20 percent of total gross earnings, are exempt from employer and employee social security contributions.