Italy increases paternity leave

The Italian Budget Law for the year 2021 (Law 30 December 2020, No. 178) introduced several measures to include an increase of the mandatory government-paid paternity leave from seven working days to 10 working days, with an optional extra day […]


Italy renews national collective bargaining agreement

On 30 July 2019, managers and industry federations renewed Italy’s National Collective Bargaining Agreement for executives/managers in the industrial sector (CCNL). The CCNL entered into force on 10 December 2014, and expired on 31 December 2018. The new CCNL agreement […]

Italy amends employment law

The 2019 budget law, which entered into force on 1 January 2019, introduced the following changes: Paid paternity leave was extended from four days to five days. Pregnant employees can now work until the ninth month of their pregnancy if […]

Italy passes “Dignity Decree”

On 13 July 2018, the Italian Government passed the “Dignity Decree,” which was converted into law No. 96/2018 on 11 August 2018. The key changes include:  The maximum length of fixed-term contracts decreased from 36 months to 24 months with […]